Magnetic Stirring Bars

Magnetic Stirring and Mixing is used in a number of laboratories. Selecting the best stirring bar for a particular application can improve results dramatically.
Varying any or all of following factors will alter the motion like size, shape or length of the bar but it also depends on the vessel shape, viscosity and turbulance in the stirring process to the solution.
For Optimum efficiency, the distance between the magnetic poles of the drive magnet and the length of stirring bar should be equal for the best magnetic coupling, the distance between the magnets should be minimised.
"All magnetic stirring bar consists of Alnico V Magnet encapsulated in PTFE coating and offers the magnetic strength and usefulness.
The magnetic stirring bar should be placed directly over the centre of the drive magnet, the speed should be increased slowly Matching the drive and stirring magnet improves the result. The shape of the magnetic stirring bar also influences the resulting vortex.
We provide the best stirring bars selecting from our wide range of bars suitable for the job. Stirring bars are commonly called bars/rotors/paddles/followers etc.
Advance production techniques, high magnetic strength, long life by using Alnico V Magnetic Core are, fully encapsulated in high grade PTFE. Strict Quality Control of magnetic strength, positioning of magnetic core, finish, uniformity of PTFE coating are leakproof, seamless and many other factors gives the best Magnetic Stirring bar manufactured by M/s M G Polymer Products Ahmednagar.

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